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The idea for House 2Home Nashville came from watching people give and receive in a Nashville First Church of the Nazarene Sunday school class. Two class members noticed a family living outside in an East Nashville neighborhood; the whole class pitched in to help that family get a new start. That was 2013. 


In 2014, using our own vehicles, a rented storage unit, and our garages, we began picking up and delivering furniture. Within three weeks it became obvious that God was directing these efforts. Almost immediately upon receiving a request for an item, that item was donated; or when something was donated, almost immediately that item was specifically requested. By word of mouth, news of this unique ministry spread quickly. Soon a variety of social agencies, ​government offices, churches, and caring citizens began requesting assistance for individuals needing household items, indicating that not many such services were available.

Today, House 2Home Nashville is a volunteer division of the 510 Foundation with a three-bay warehouse, two box trucks, and a track record of having picked up from over 1350 households, delivering to over 1300 households, and having raised over $160,000 for new beds. We currently partner with over 80 agencies in Davidson County in an effort to help the recently homeless get a new start.


Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Make a tax-deductible donation.

                                                        Make a difference.

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