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The idea for House 2Home Nashville came from watching people give and receive in a Nashville First Church of the Nazarene Sunday school class. Two class members noticed a family living outside in an East Nashville neighborhood; the whole class pitched in to help that family get a new start. That was 2013. 


In 2014, using our own vehicles, a rented storage unit, and our garages, we began picking up and delivering furniture. Within three weeks it became obvious that God was directing these efforts. Almost immediately upon receiving a request for an item, that item was donated; or when something was donated, almost immediately that item was specifically requested. By word of mouth, news of this unique ministry spread quickly. Soon a variety of social agencies, ​government offices, churches, and caring citizens began requesting assistance for individuals needing household items, indicating that not many such services were available.

Today, House 2Home Nashville is a volunteer division of the 510 Foundation with a four-bay warehouse, two box trucks, and a track record of having picked up from over 1350 households, delivering to over 1300 households, and having raised over $160,000 for new beds. We currently partner with over 80 agencies in Davidson County in an effort to help the recently homeless get a new start.


Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Make a tax-deductible donation.

                         Make a difference.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for House2Home Nashville, a division of the 510 Foundation, a 503(c)3 non-profit, is comprised of the following volunteers committed to the mission “To turn empty rooms into homes by providing new beds and gently used household items to people transitioning from homelessness”:

Dr. Ruth Y. Cox
Mrs. Kimberley Dean
Mr. Warren Dean
Mrs. Lisa Oliver-Gray
Mr. Michael Gray
Mrs. Sarah Lakey
Dr. Richard Parrott
Dr. Esther Swink
Mr. Jeff Swink
Mrs. Gwen Tuttle
Mr. Doug Xanders,
President 510 Foundation
Mrs. Jessica Karuchit, ex-officio, Executive Director-510 Foundation

Organizational Structure

  • Missional Oversight - Led by Michael Gray, Founder and Co-Director

    • ​Envisioning and communicating the organization’s work; Organizing teams to deliverer items to clients and pickup donations from donors in collaboration with Goggle doc manager; Maintaining and sharing stories of clients served; Managing warehouse and vehicles; Warehousing furniture; Recruiting volunteers

  • Organizational Oversight—Led by Esther Swink, Co-Director

    • ​Organizing meetings, materials, and records; Facilitating work with Foundations/Grantors, fundraising plans; Identifying and collaborating with events chairpersons; Serving as backup for Google docs and donor database; Warehousing household goods; Recruiting volunteers

  • Promotional Oversight –Led by Ruth Cox, Volunteer Coordinator

    • ​Coordinating branding and design of materials; Documenting and communicating with donors; Coordinating communication team (website manager, social media manager, speaking team); Warehousing household goods; Recruiting volunteers

House 2Home Nashville is our new name. For our first seven years, we were known as Cheryl's List. Our original name posthumously honored the lifestyle of serving others modeled by Nashville social worker, Cheryl Hales. She chose to help others while she battled cancer, when she was in pain and nothing came easy. She did what she could do: call folks, organize trips.


Our first name honored her brand of sacrificial service. Our new name is more about our mission to help our neighbors who are transitioning out of homelessness. Our new name puts the focus on our calling  and speaks to that moment when people who are starting over, who have just received beds and furniture, spontaneously say, "This feels like a home."


The pictures have been used with the permission of the recipient of furnishings from House 2Home Nashville and the volunteers.

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